Existential Angst at the Tesco Express

I was in a Tesco Express the other night buying myself a selection of junk food – BBQ Beef Hula-hoops, Quorn pasty, a Frijj milkshake.

When I noticed another guy who had a similar vibe to me – beard, long hair – but he was around ten years younger. He was buying similar stuff too: Monster Munch, a BLT, Lucozade.

I did a little eyebrow raise of recognition to him, kind of like if you see someone else wearing the same piece of clothing. Or like when bus drivers doing the same route in opposite directions acknowledge each other. I then thought nothing further of it.

It was only when I was outside I realised that he probably looked at me and my basket, and thought “that could be me in ten years time, if I don’t get my act together”.